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2nd Annual International Seminar for Teachers and Adult Trainers – Athens – April 2014

1_logo_HAIE_engActive Citizenship Education: The role of Intercultural Education. 

Practical seminar focusing on the needs of Teachers and Adult Trainers

Venue: Divani Caravel Hotel Athens, Greece

Date: 26 – 30 April 2014

Languages: English & Greek

Organised by: Hellenic Association for Intercultural Education (HAIE) (due to become a member of SIRIUS in 2014) in cooperation with the International Association of Intercultural Education (IAIE) , under the aegis of the UNESCO Chair in Moscow.

Organisers: Nektaria Palaiologou (HAIE) and Barry van Driel (IAIE)

Trainers include: Barry van Driel, Nektaria Palaiologou, Leah Davcheva, Marina Krivenkaya, Odysseas Evangelou, Fred Carlo Anderson, Michalis Kakos, Costas Magos, Gelly Aroni, George Mavromatis.

Deadlines Comenius and Grundtvig for the Athens Seminar: 17th September 2013


1. To guarantee a spot, please fill in the registration form and send it to Barry van Driel e-mail:

If you do not receive a Comenius or Grundtvig scholarship, you will have priority to participate with special/reduced fees.

2. To apply for a National Scholarship,:
The event is supported by European National Agencies, validated and published in the Comenius – Grundtvig Training Database with the reference number:
“GR-2014-284-003 ” for Comenius and “GR-2014-290-001″ for Grundtvig Scholarships. 

3. Please also send your personal data: e-mail, affiliation and professional status to Gelly Aroni, responsible for visits and cultural events: 

Participants will receive a CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION



Via Hellenic Association for Intercultural Education

Hellenic Association for Intercultural Education Association (HAIE) is the official branch of the International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE). HAIE is a scientific non-profit association, established officially in 2011, situated in the city of Athens, in Greece. HAIE’s coordination is under Dr. Nektaria Palaiologou, in cooperation with Dr. Odysseas Evangelou. HAIE collaborates with national and international experts in the fields of: IE, ME, Minority and Migration, Human Rights and Intercultural Mediation and Counselling issues.


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