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  • Handbook of NAOS Study Visits: A Synthesis of Good Practices in Teachers’ Professional Development in Primary and Secondary Schools

    The primary activity of NAOS, and the one that is of relevance in this handbook, was ‘study visits’ organized by the participating NAOS partners. Each partner hosted a study visit in their home country, choosing one primary school and one secondary school exemplifying good practice in teacher professionalization (two visiting partners joined in each visit). The principal of each school […]
  • Preparing teachers for diversity – The role of initial teacher education

    lthough the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity found in European societies is not a new phenomenon, its nature is rapidly changing. Europe is becoming increasingly diverse due to intra-European mobility, international migration, including recently an increased influx of refugees and asylum-seekers. These societal changes create both opportunities and challenges for schools, and education systems need to adapt accordingly. At the […]
  • Continuity of learning for newly arrived refugee children in Europe

    otwithstanding the efforts made by EU Member States in recent years, third-country nationals continue to be placed at a disadvantage regarding employment, education and social inclusion compared to EU citizens (OECD/European Union, 2015). For refugees, and people with a migration background at large, education is key for socio-economic success and for overcoming disadvantages in European societies. Education fosters social inclusion, […]
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