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A successful peer review in Zagreb

Between 10 and 11th October took place in Zagreb the first peer review organised by WP2. On an elementary school in the northwest suburb Podsused-Vrpaće of the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, a team of 8 peers examined the implementation of the International Teacher Leadership project (ITL) among a group of teachers and their Roma students.  We were invited by the Network of Education Policy Centers (NEPC) and the Forum for Freedom in Education (FSO)  to inform the school, funders and policy makers on effectiveness of the initiative, the ITL methodology as well as the possible ways of making it a systemic and replicated practice for other communities in similar circumstances. The school specially wants to learn how to (possibly) improve and sustain the initiative.

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From The Netherlands and Austria two peer review teams were selected, which contains four peers each. Due to circumstances one from the Dutch team and two from the Austrian team could not join the peer review. Besides these, the workshop leader and senior assistant of work package 2 of SIRIUS were also present.

You can find the programme below:

October 9, arrival of participants

Hotel Astoria, Petrinjska 71, Zagreb

17:00 Meeting of Peer Reviewers in the hotel lobby
19.00 Welcome dinner in hotel

October 10, day 1

Time Activity Participants Venue
9:00 – 9:45 Welcome & Introductionspresentation of APREME + ITL Eli & Lana all Pogon, address: Kneza Mislava 11 5 minutes from hotel
9:45 – 10.30 Presentation of OS bana J. Jelacica school  projectVlasta Vizek Vidović – school ITL mentorAelita Jurak  – school coordinator of the project all  
10.30 -12 Finalizing the questionnaires for teachers, project staff, funders, policy advisors Peer review team  
12-13  Lunch Peer review team + TBC
13-13.30  Travel to project school    
13.30-14 Tour of the school    
14-17 Interviews in separate groups (parallel?) Peer review team Interviews with:



students/ parents




OŠ bana Josipa Jelačića, Podsused
17 – 17.15 Tea break   OŠ bana Josipa Jelačića, Podsused
17.15 – 18.00 Travel back to Zagreb Peer review team  
18 – 19 Preliminary analyses of the results Peer review team Hotel Astoria
20.00 Dinner outside All TBC

October 11, day 2

Time Activity Participants Venue
9 – 10 Presentation of complete project (what happens in the other participating schools)Gordana Miljević – ITL in the regionIris Marušić – ITL in CRO all PogonPogon, address: Kneza Mislava 11 5 minutes from hotel
10-12 Interviews of project staff of other schools and funders Peer review team Interviews:  with

School mentors : VVV & IM

Other  ITL Croatian school reps:)

Gordana Miljević-funder

PogonPogon, address: Kneza Mislava 11 5 minutes from hotel
12-13 Preliminary analyses of results Peer review team  
13-14 lunch All Zlica I vilica
14-15.00 Interview department of national minorities Rep of Ministry – Mirko Marković  PogonPogon, address: Kneza Mislava 11 5 minutes from hotel
15-16.00 Preliminary analyses of results Peer review team  
16-16.30 Feedback session:Presentation of preliminary results, asking for missing information all  
16.30-17 Closing session Peer review team  
19:00 Dinner All TBC

Departure on Oct 12th during the day



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