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About the ENESP network

The network

The European Network for Educational Support Projects (ENESP) was founded as part of the activities of Workpackage 3 on “involving the community in education” in educational support measures and projects. In line with this emphasis on the community, this EU-network of practitioners brings together organisations which

(a) bring educational support to the families and the schools from outside the realm of the educational institutions, and
(b) strongly focus on the resources that can be found in the communities themselves, e.g. by working with mentors coming from immigrant families or being initiated by migrant self-organisations (MSO).

ENESP’s main objectives are:
(a) the exchange of knowledge and experience among the projects and organisations in order to achieve better education for children with a migrant background;
(b) offering the possibility to countries and organisations with less experience in this kind of good practice to learn and profit from well-established projects and concepts in other countries; and
(c) to increase the awareness and knowledge about the variety of good practice in this field among policy makers and stakeholders at different levels.

Members of the network are currently nine mentoring projects taking place in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Italy (see Project Portraits for more details). The Network also works with partners who are interested learning and profiting from the knowledge of ENESP members. Currently these partners come from Spain and Lithuania.


Activities so far

After a pilot meeting held in Amsterdam in October 2012, the ENESP kick-off meeting took place in Brussels on 18 and 19 April 2013. During this meeting, the general aims of the network were agreed upon and we started to discuss the relevant topics especially in relation to quality standards in educational support projects. The second meeting of the network took place in October 2013 in Hamburg and had as specific topic evaluation measures. The third meeting took place in Turin on 25-27 September 2014 to discuss the methodology and theoretical fundaments of mentoring.

ENESP has published a Mentoring Brochure which is available now in the following languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.

ENESP is also continuously extending the Online Handbook on mentoring, PDF-version can be downloaded.

ENESP has also produced a Policy Brief on Mentoring which is aimed particularly at policy makers and stakeholders at the European level. The network aims at raising the awareness of the longevity and usefulness of external educational support projects and lobbies for a European strategy in this field.

The network is offering its support to applications and implementations of mentoring and similar activities. It currently acts as an external advisor to the newly funded HoPe-project at the University of Osnabrück, Germany and the Telefónica Foundation in Madrid, Spain.


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