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About the SIRIUS network - How we started

 Our mission

The essential mission of the SIRIUS policy network is to promote and enhance the knowledge transfer among stakeholders in order to improve the education of children and youngsters from migrant background. Our mission is based on three actions:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Influencing policy development and implementation
  • Bringing together partners from EU countries and key stakeholders, including policy makers, researchers, practitioners, representatives of migrant communities, NGOs, international organizations, etc
In order to achieve our goals and with the aim of a better policy implementation we work on to levels of action: national and European. At the national level SIRIUS wants to transfer to transform. For that reason we need to meet the essential stakeholders that could transform reality: policy makers, professionals and migrants. At the European level the aim is to transfer to learn. The role of collaborative partners becomes crucial, as they belong to cross-border organizations that might help in this knowledge transfer.

At the same time, we focused on three strategic thematic areas:

The structure of the network comprises a general coordination team and a steering committee. Click here to learn more about our dedicated team members.

General coordination

  • Miquel Àngel Essomba Gelaber: General Coordinator
  • Berta Espona Barcons: Project Manager
  • Thomas Huddleston: Communications Officer
Steering Committee

    • Outgoing coordinator: Claudia Kohler, Germany
    • Current coordinator: Thomas Huddleston, EU-level
    • Incoming coordinators: Hanna Siarova, Lithuania and Lana Jurko, Croatia
    • Project lead representatives: Tom Tudjman, Netherlands
    • Lead of Policymakers’ Advisory Board: Christina Milagre, Portugal

National Partners

To learn more about our national partners, click here.

Collaborative Partners

To learn more about our collaborative partners, click here.