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Executive Board

Meet our very motivated Team!

Sirius Network is currently chaired by Thomas Huddleston and is governed by the following Executive Board:



 thomas2 (002)                                       Thomas Huddleston is Programme Director on Migration and Integration at the Migration Policy Group, a European think-and-do-tank and Chair of the SIRIUS network since 2016. He coordinates MPG’s comparative research on migrant and refugee education and integration, most notably through the European Website on Integration ( and the Migrant Integration Policy Index ( He also chairs the quarterly migration subgroup of the NGO Platform on EU Migration and Asylum Migration Policy Group – MPG – an NGO based in Brussels specialized in migration, integration and anti-discrimination represented by Thomas Huddleston, Programme Director on Migration and Integration.

  claudia kohler picture                                        Claudia Köhler obtained a degree in sociology at the University of Bamberg, Germany. She has been working as a researcher for the European forum for migration studies (efms), Institute at the University of Bamberg, since 2008. At the efms she has participated in several quantitative and qualitative research projects and evaluation studies in the fields of migrant education, social inclusion and integration policies, and inter-group relations. She has been the liaison for the SIRIUS network at the efms and was its Chair in 2015. Currently she coordinates two SIRIUS-projects: the ‘Erasmus+ project ALFIRK – Collaborative Networks for Migrant Parent Empowerment’ with the participation of six EU countries, and ‘PERAE: Multi-country Partnership to Enhance the Education of Refugee and Asylum-seeking Youth in Europe’ with the participation of eight EU countries, funded by the Mercator Foundation.

  Lana_photo (002)                                          Lana Jurko is the Executive Director of the Network of Education Policy Centers (NEPC). Lana has been with NEPC, an    international non-governmental membership organization of education policy centers, since 2006. Her career spans from being an English teacher to software trainer and help desk operator to project coordinator and assistant researcher to her current position. She worked at international organisations such as United Nations and OSCE, schools, non-government organisations, at the research institute. Her life and career path took her to different towns, countries and continents confirming her belief in inter-connectedness of our planet and the importance of global social justice and makes her a true believer that education should play a major role in achieving this goal. Since the inception of NEPC, she has managed over a dozen of international projects and publications in educational access, inclusion and policy.

 Hanna                                        Hanna Siarova is Research Manager in Public Policy and Management Institute (PPMI,, a policy research and analysis centre in Lithuania. Her main research interests are centred on inclusive education, social inclusion and gender equality policies in the EU Members States and pre-accession countries. She has been leading a number of comparative studies on education for diversity and integration of immigrant students, incl. Educational support to newly arrived migrant children (DG EAC), Study on the effective use of ECEC in preventing ESL (DG EAC), Study on how Initial Teacher Education prepares student teachers to deal with diversity in the classroom (DG EAC). Hanna is a member of the Executive Board of the European Policy network on education of immigrant and minority students (SIRIUS) since 2016 and coordination team of the Network on the social dimension in education and training (NESET II).


  Tudjman klein picture                                      Tomislav Tudjman (MA Public Administration) works as a Project Manager and Researcher at Risbo, a research, consultancy and training institute of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His expertise lies in the following fields: Social Inclusion, Integration, Migration (including Refugee issues), Educational Network Governance and Professional Capital of school professionals in primary and secondary education in both national and international studies. As a Project Officer and Peer Reviewer he has been working on various European Projects. Between 2005 and 2008 he worked on a project between Germany and the Netherlands titled: Social cohesion and integration in complex urban societies (SIS-project). In 2008 and 2009 he participated in Connections which focused on organizational approaches to tackling multiple deprivations in eight European cities. He also worked on building a Peer Review Toolkit for the Connections project and had worked on an educational Peer Review Toolkit for a European Project called Evidence based policy in education about early school leavers. Since 2012 he started working for SIRIUS. He was also a project officer in the European Literacy Network (ELINET) a large network of 80 organisations for EU member state countries. Today he is the General Manager of two Erasmus+ projects called NAOS and AVIOR.


   Isabela                                SIRIUS is managed by a Head of Secretariat: Isabela Camara Salim is Sirius – Policy Network on Migrant Education Head of Secretariat. She joined MPG in March 2017. Prior to MPG, Isabela undertook a research on Migration and Racism for the European Network Against Racism (ENAR). She has 10 years of experience in the migration field, including 6 years at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) – the UN Migration Agency for the Country Office Portugal. Her main tasks at IOM consisted on coordinating the “Reintegration Support Programme” under the scope of the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme, direct assistance to migrants, research on international migration field, focal point for refugees and resettlement. Isabela has also a lot of experience in research both in the migration and sociology fields having some publications in both areas, namely the publication that arose from the project of the same name “The ethnic media in Portugal”. She has studied Journalism at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (BE) and she holds a master degree in International Relations and European Integration from the Université de Liège (BE).