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Councillor of Education welcomes SIRIUS to the Municipality of The Hague

I consider shared education, on an equal basis, in mixed groups, as an effective way to lift up minorities in the classroom.

imageOn the 9th October, after a day of two parallel Thematic Workshops on segregation and transitions, the Councillor of Education in the Municipality of The Hague Mrs. Ingrid van Engelshoven welcomed SIRIUS to The Hague with a reception in the Townhall. This was organised in unison with the 4th SIRIUS General Meeting which took place on 10th and 11th October, where she encouraged us to “share insights, listen to needs and possibilities, and co-create an educational infrastructure that promotes integration, and promotes peace.”

Her speech highlighted the importance of The Hague as “the legal capital of the world” and as the second UN city. She said SIRIUS fit in well there as it also helps to develop the issues of peace and justice through its work on education of young people with a migrant background. She highlighted some of the good practices that The Hague is carrying out in order to develop links between ‘majority’ and ‘minority’ schools and raise the awareness of parents as regards the educative qualities of schools in their neighbourhood.

It was not me who designed projects for mixing these children, parents and schools. The schools and parents themselves developed ideas on how to do this. They used their insights in needs and practical possibilities. The best projects are born bottom-up. So did our projects; Local government created an infrastructure, the schools and the parents created plans. That’s how we like to work in The Hague.

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