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Education and Training in Europe 2020 – Responses from the EU Member States

Education and Training in Europe 2020: Responses from the EU MemThe Eurydice Network Report presents a focused comparative analysis of national responses to the Europe 2020 priorities in the field of education and training. It concentrates on recent and forthcoming national reforms across several thematic areas that have a direct relevance to the Europe 2020 strategy: early school leaving, higher education, youth employment and vocational education and training and lifelong learning.

The report reflects the prominent place of Education and Training in the Europe 2020 strategy. A headline target has been set for education which specifies twin goals on early school leaving and higher education attainment, while under the European semester of economic governance, the key messages of the Annual Growth Survey as well as an increasing number of Country-specific Recommendations have strong links with education and training.

Via European Commission – Education and Training

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Via Eurydice Thematic Reports

Students from a migrant background, are mentioned in relation to the sections on early school leaving, higher education and training and lifelong learning. However, they are not specifically mentioned in the section on youth unemployment and vocational education, despite the fact that access to and successful completion of vocational education is more difficult for young people with a migrant background (see SIRIUS report on Vocational Education and Training to counter Social Exclusion).

Many of the country-specific recommendations (Annex 1) that were adopted by the Council in 2012 and 2013 highlight the need for measures aimed specifically at students with a migrant background.

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