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European Online Education and Training Monitor 2013 available

The annual Education and Training Monitor examines the evolution of Europe’s education and training systems. It takes into account various benchmarks and indicators but also recent studies and policy developments. This page provides the 2013 Monitor, the 28 accompanying country reports and an online visualisation tool.

The strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020) was re-vamped in 2012 to bring it in line with the EU Strategy for growth and jobs, and to support Member States in their reform efforts. One objective has been to strengthen the evidence-base and analytical capacity of ET 2020, on which the next country-specific recommendations can draw. This is the aim of the Education and Training Monitor series, the first edition of which was presented in November 2012.

At the request of the Council, the Education and Training Monitor is an annual report presented every autumn by the Commission, setting out, in a succinct document, progress on the ET 2020 benchmarks and core indicators, including the Europe 2020 headline target on education and training. The Education and Training Monitor illustrates the evolution of education and training systems across Europe, with a particular focus on the country-specific recommendations adopted in the field of education and training, and contributes to the analytical basis for the next European Semester.

The second annual Education and Training Monitor, released on 30 October 2013, is accompanied by 28 individual country reports and an online visualisation tool.

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