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Flanders Regional Round Table

On 4 October, the Vlor (Flemish Education Council) organized a round table on prevention of early school leaving for pupils with a migrant background.

The round table brought together more than 60 participants: members of the Vlor, policy makers, researchers, teachers and school leaders, migrant organization representatives.  Mrs Kateřina Kapounová attended the round table on behalf of the European Commission, where she is the key contact person for SIRIUS in DG Education and Culture.

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Participants were welcomed by Mia Douterlungne, general administrator of the Flemish Education Council.  She presented the SIRIUS network.  She insisted on the fact that today’s round table builds further upon work of the Vlor from the past years.  In 2012, the Vlor has organized a series of seminars on diversity and education.  Speakers from Flanders and from abroad have been invited to present less evident perspectives on diversity in education.  Their ideas have been collected and published under the title ‘Another view on diversity’.  The inspiring book is launched at the occasion of this round table.

During the thematic tables in the morning, participants had the opportunity to choose one of the following topics:

  • Identity development
  • Supporting networks
  • Teachers who make the difference
  • Study choice process
  • The attraction and dynamics of alternative study trajects

Each session offered a combination of rather theoretical reflection, based on academic input, and more practical debate, based on the input of practitioners or the presentation of good examples.

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At working tables in the afternoon, the proposals that came out of the morning sessions have been clustered and prioritised, according to the relevant policy level

  • The policy level of the Flemish Community
  • The local and regional policy level
  • The level of the classroom, the school and its neighbourhood

The proposals discussed during the sessions have been presented in plenary by Noel Clyck from CeMIS (Centre for Migrantion and Intercultural Studies). Pascal Smet, Flemish Minister for Education and Training, concluded the day with his personal reflections on the theme of education for children from a migrant background.

If you want to know more about the Vlor you can consult here


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