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The fourth SIRIUS General Meeting: a successful event to strengthen partner collaboration and the future workplan

From 10 to 11th October, the fourth General Meeting of the SIRIUS network took place in The Lobby of The Hague. More than 35 partners of the network participated in this event organised by the great team of the Dutch National Knowledge Centre for Mixed Schools, Guido Walraven, Christie Hofmeester and Paco Lucassen. The participants had the opportunity to discuss the results achieved this year and the challenges we face as a network next year and from 2014 on. The agenda focused on three big questions:

  • Where do we stand?
  • How can we extend and deepen our understanding in 2014?
  • Where do we go?

DSCN3730                DSCN3743               DSCN3744

The meeting combined work and leisure sessions in order to strengthen the networking between the partners. The evaluation of the participants was very positive because they agree that the general meeting is a great opportunity to work together for the present and future of the network. The combination of the general meeting with the previous Thematic Workshops was very appreciated because it gives participants the opportunity not only to discuss strategic and administrative issues, but also content. Dynamic sessions, like the discussion on the work plan 2014 through 8 thematic tables, provided the perfect brainstorming opportunity to improve the draft plan presented. 

You can consult the minutes, the presentations and the evaluation of the fourth SIRIUS General Meeting here.


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