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Involving the Practitioners in the Process of the Transfer of Knowledge

In parallel to Activity 1 we want to bring together people from a selected group of existing mentor-projects in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany – with three aims:

  1. To provide an occasion for them to meet each other for a transfer of knowledge in the sense of an exchange on good experiences and methodologies.
  2. To involve these experienced practitioners in the process of the transfer of knowledge to countries where the idea of mentoring will be developed. From their experience in building up these projects themselves: What would they provide in terms of information, tools and personal experiences, and who should be involved in starting these projects to make this transfer of knowledge effective?
  3. To jointly prepare kick off-meeting for a wider practitioners’ network in December.

Brochure on mentoring: Based on the input by the SIRIUS partners in the different countries, on the one side, and by the practitioners’ meeting in September we will prepare a brochure on mentoring, introducing the main concepts and presenting selected project descriptions with an emphasis on methodological issues and the transferability to other local and national contexts and groups.

The brochure will be made available in the following languages: Spanish, Italian, French, English, Romanian, Croatian, Greek, Dutch, and German.


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