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Inclusive Education. Fighting Inequalities in Education and Training – Brussels, 10 December 2014


Wed 10 December, 09:30-11:00 // Mundo J (Rue de l’Industrie 10), Brussels

Learning is powerful in getting people more engaged in society in its economic, political and social dimensions. Providing high quality learning opportunities to all and especially to the most disadvantaged is crucial not only for our ageing workforce to cope with ever more competitive and changing labour markets, but also to be more socially included and have better living conditions. Unfortunately, inequalities persist in European education and training systems where vulnerable groups like migrants are particularly disadvantaged. As European history shows, rising inequalities go hand in hand with rising nationalism and discrimination.

EUCIS-LLL firmly believes that we should refocus EU cooperation on equity, democracy and social cohesion. They highlight the need to re-engage to deliver the vision of a social Europe with high levels of quality education in respect of Article 9 of the Treaty. The EU has undertaken a series of actions to answer some of these challenges including the Youth Guarantee, cooperation on early-school leaving, Social Investment Package, social dimension of the Bologna Process and the Roma Initiative. However, we miss a coherent strategy heading those measures towards clear goals and national/regional roadmaps and a strong political will.

The Launch of the flagship initiative on ‘Inclusive Education. Fighting Inequalities in Education and Training‘ on 10th December will take place during the Lifelong Learning Week 2014 (#LLLWeek2014). The seminar is meant to bring people together to discuss what the strategy on inclusive education could look like within the Europe 2020 Strategy. Thomas Huddleston of the Migration Policy Group will be there to present the SIRIUS  Agenda for Migrant Education in Europe.

The event is organised by the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL), with the support of MEP Julie Ward (S&D, UK).


Opening session

  • Welcome words from Daniele DI MITRI, EUCIS-LLL Vice-President
  • Opening by MEP Julie WARD, UK, S&D


  • Paul DOWNES, Director, Educational Disadvantage Centre, Senior Lecturer in Education (Psychology), St. Patrick’s College, Dublin City University

Panel discussion

Group discussions


For further information: EUCIS-LLL Website


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