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Meeting of the EU school policy networks on the review of the Key Competences Framework

On April 4th and 5th, the European Commission organized a meeting in Brussels on the review of the Key Competences Framework for which all SIRIUS members were invited.

The meeting focused on the review of the Key Competences Framework, its strengths and shortcomings in view of the shifting educational and social landscape in Europe. The European Framework of Key Competences was announced in the New Agenda for Europe in June 2016 and it aims to ensure that the European Framework of Key Competences reflects well political, social, economic, ecological and technological developments since its adoption in 2006. By updating and developing the Framework the Commission intends to further promote competence-based teaching and learning across Europe.

The event was very successful and Sirius members had the opportunity of sharing their thoughts on the KCF and contribute with their suggestions/recommendations for the revision of the KCF.


During the event, Sirius members also participated in the Workshop on “The Key Competences Framework Facing Diversity – How inclusive is the Framework?” organized and moderated by Ana-Maria Stan, from the European Commission (DG EAC) and Sirius Chairman, Thomas Huddleston. This specific workshop had the goal of discussing the Key Competences Framework in relation to diversity and what could/should be done in order for the Framework to be the most inclusive possible.

SIRIUS Statement on the Revision of the Key Competences Framework


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