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More than 140 participants attended at SIRIUS National Meeting in Norway

The National meeting in Norway, on 15th October gathered 140 participants: teachers – both from primary school and upper secondary school-, researchers, students, and representative from the SIRIUS partner institution NAFO. National meeting at Østfold University College was focused on critical multicultural education. Some of the curcial questions discussed were:

  • How do schools identify and acknowledge challenges related to equity education for linguistic and ethnic minorities?
  • How do schools respond to the challenges?
  • How may critical multicultural perspectives serve as analytical lenses to improve teaching and learning?

The meeting was arranged through presentations of:

  1. The context for critical multicultural education in Norway, i.e. school context, political context and global context, by assistant professor Fred Carlo Andersen.
  2. Critical multiculturalism as a tool for analysis, by university lecturer Maria Gulseth Roaas

Participants, discussed and presented examples from praxis developed by National Center for Multicultural Eduation (NAFO)


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