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National Meeting in Bulgaria: “Challenges in the field of education for migrants and refugees in Bulgaria”

The Bulgarian National meeting organized by Multi Kulti Collective took place on 11 November 2014 in the EU House in Sofia. “Challenges in the field of education for migrants and refugees in Bulgaria” focused on access to education and the lack of targeting integration measures for migrant and refugee pupils/students. Being an external border of the EU Bulgaria accepted more than 12.000 asylum seekers in the last 1,5 years. Most of them were granted international protection and that’s why the National meeting had a special focus on refugees as well.All the main stakeholders such as Ministry of Education, Regional Inspectorate of Education, State Agency for Child Protection, State Agency for Refugees, representatives of schools and universities with high concentration of migrants/refugee pupils/students, international and local NGO’s working on integration and education of migrants/refugees, migrant/refugee NGO’s, researchers participated in the event.
Multi Kulti Collective is a new member of SIRIUS (2014) and that’s why the first National Meeting was a good opportunity to present the network in more details. The first panel focused on the the difficulties related to the integration of migrants/refugees in the educational system in Bulgaria and presenting European good practices in the field of integration of refugees and migrants in the educational system. The second one consisted of group work led by facilitators on the problems in the field of pre-primary and primary/secondary/higher education for migrants and refugees in Bulgaria. The event finished with mutual understanding for developing an action plan for next steps at national level.


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