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National Meeting in Croatia: “Education of Children with Migrant Background in Croatia: between policy and practice”

On 11th November took place in Zagreb the Croatian National Meeting entitled “Education of Children with Migrant Background in Croatia: between policy and practice”. It was organised by the Forum for Freedom in Education, the Ministry of Education and the Education and Teacher Training Agency. At the meeting attended policy makers, teachers, school administration representatives, CSO representatives and local authorities, totally 30 people.

photo NM Croatia 2

The first part of the presentations was presentation about SIRIUS project results in the last 3 years (including recommendations for improvement of education policies and practises in the field of education of children with migrant background); presentation of the MIPEX index for Croatia (with the focus on index of education). In the second part the representative of MoE presented activities of the ministry in the field of inclusive education and the representative of the Education and Teacher Training Agency presented activities of the agency in the field of teacher training programmes developed for promoting inclusive practises and multicultural competencies.

photo NM Croatia 3

In the third part panellist were discussing the practise from the perspective of the civil society and the role of CSO in promoting inclusive education, the representative from the Centre for Peace Studies presented project of the CSO that are focused on asylum seekers and the representative from one elementary school was presenting their challenges and their success on including children with migrant background in everyday school life.

The discussion after the panellist had their introductory was very fruitful and most of the participants were coming from schools so they had the opportunity to share their practise and experience.


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