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North Rhine-Westphalia: More migrant students are completing higher secondary education

migazinAn increasing number of students in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia are successfully completing higher education. In 2012, 44 percent of native students and 35 percent of migrant students completed higher secondary education, allowing them to enter university. Compared to 2005, when percentages lay around 36 and 28 respectively, this a very positive trend. At the same time, fewer students are enrolled in the lowest educational tracks.

Yet, for those with lower educational attainment, the labour market situation remains difficult as low-skilled students are currently facing unemployment rates of more than 30 percent. In addition, job security is an issue regardless of educational background. Almost a quarter of young people in North Rhine-Westphalia work on short term contracts, compared to only 6 percent in the age group above 30.

Via Migazin


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