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NPOINT Dutch Platform for Education, Innovation and Talent Development

NPOINT 1“From disadvantage to ambition” – this is the philosophy behind NPOINT’s weekend school and JASTIN projects (Junior Academy of Science, Technology and Innovation). Many of the students who participate are from an intercultural or socially disadvantaged background. The weekend school focuses on language training and arithmetic, and it offers training for the so-called CITO-test, which plays a big role in the advice pupils receive from schools for their educational future. But catching up to the curriculum is only the basis: from there, pupils discover and develop their talents in JASTIN. At age 10-14 they are exposed to the exact sciences, to culture, art and media, and to politics. They choose an “academy” on the topic that excites them the most and earn a degree by taking courses, doing projects, and participating in activities. Frequently, this includes learning an additional foreign language. Pupils can discover what their talents and interests are, and they gain valuable experience before their higher education starts. They start with an advantage, rather than a disadvantage.

Mission statement

Encouraging personal development: Our mission is to assist disadvantaged pupils in their studies, and to prevent them from falling behind. We help them to explore their interests and to find a course that suits their talents. Rather than measuring their abilities only in coursework and by the outcomes we encourage their personal development and contentment.


NPOINT, the Dutch Platform for Education Innovation and Talent Development, is the binding factor between 20 educational centres in the Netherlands. These centres assist disadvantaged pupils and offer extracurricular activities aimed at encouraging the pupils’ interests and talents. Additionally, NPOINT contributes to large educational events such as science festivals, the robot football competition RoboCup and the International Environment Scientific Project Olympiad (INESPO). Aside from the educational programs, NPOINT stimulates the debate about education by organising conferences, meetings and debate events. NPOINT conducts research into the effectiveness of its programs, and assists in the supervision of the educational centres’ teachers.

Contact information:

                                                               NPOINT – Onderwijs · Innovatie · Talentontwikkeling

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Target group and project size

  • Mentors: 400 tutors and volunteers
  • Target group: Pupils between the age 10-14, approximately1.350 per year
  • Founded in: 2011
  • Regional scope: 20 locations across the Netherlands


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