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ALFIRK Project

Collaborative Networks for Migrant Parent Empowerment


This Strategic Partnerships builds up on the SIRIUS Agenda and Recommendations regarding the importance of including migrant parents in school and educational processes of their children. Migrant parents are often found to participate less in the education of their children while at the same time migrant students lag behind in educational achievements and parental involvement carries the potential to contribute to enhanced educational performance.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Credits: AFP/The Economist

Credits: AFP/The Economist

Objectives and activities:

Before this background, ALFIRK seeks to address barriers in increased parental empowerment in education processes, particularly among migrant parents, by:
• Analyzing patterns of migrant parental involvement, parental networking, and barriers in parental involvement and empowerment at case study schools in six EU countries;
• Composing a handbook on good practices and recommendations on migrant parental involvement and empowerment as a tool for school that enables them to improve their strategies on migrant parental involvement;
• Developing an online portal as a source of information and a space for exchange among migrant parents;
• Conducting workshops at the case study schools in six EU countries to develop strategies for enhanced involvement and empowerment of migrant parents and disseminate the project findings and outputs.

In the long term, ALFIRK aims to empower migrant parents at three levels: (1) the family level, which reflects parents’ ability to manage issues of the family within the social context, (2) the service system level, which reflects the degree to which parents are able to effectively work with the school system, and (3) the community/political level, which reflects parents’ advocacy for improved services for migrant youth in general.
The collaborative approach is reflected in the project name “ALFIRK,” which means “the flock.”
The efms coordinates the project ALFIRK, the partners are Multi Kulti Collective (Bulgaria), Risbo (the Netherlands), Leeds Beckett University (United Kingdom), Migration Policy Group (Belgium), Economic and Social Research Institute (Ireland), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain).

Funding: European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Erasmus+
Project Duration: September 2015 – September 2018