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Second Baltic Inter-Ministerial Round Table on Migrant Education Policy Partnership

During the 1st Baltic Inter-Ministerial Round table that took place on the 4th of June in Riga, Latvia, the representatives of Ministries of Education, Culture and Internal Affairs of the three Baltic States identified several thematic priorities for inter-ministerial partnership. Re-emigration policy and integration of returnees in the light of increasing number of returning nationals in the Baltic States and as a consequence growing challenges for schools to address pupi ls’ additional linguistic and modified cultural needs were identified as priority topics for the follow-up round tables. In addition, the benefiits and potential of educational councelling system and support services as an effective tool to tackle uneven preparedness of schools to deal with diversity were highlighted.

In this context, the Sirius Baltic Partnership Team is organizing the 2nd Baltic Inter-Ministerial Round table with the thematic focus on inclusive education policy for children of returning nationals of the Baltic States and Baltic nationals living outside their country of citizenship. The round table will be hosted by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science and Public Policy and Management Institute in Vilnius and will take place on November 3-4, 2014 (download the programme). The main aims of the forthcoming round table are:

  1. To learn and exchange knowledge on approaches towards integration of returning nationals into education in the Baltic States and to support learning of Baltic nationals living abroad (with the focus on Lithuanian approach and its re-emigration strategy ‘Global Lithuania’ in particular);
  2. To identify strengths of national strategies and to assess transferability of good practice measures in the neighbouring Baltic countries;
  3. To elaborate concrete steps on implementation of certain measures/policies on education of returnees in Baltic countries.Representatives of different ministries from the three Baltic States, as well as teachers and representatives of research communities are expected to attend the round table. For more details please check the programme of the event.

The 3rd Baltic Inter-Ministerial Round Table with thematic focus on school counselling system and support services will follow in early December and will be organised by Sirius Estonian partner PRAXIS and the Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia.


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