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Second trilateral meeting on language in early school years

It was held on 23rd and 24th October in Tallinn with professionals from Estonia, Norway and Spain (Catalonia). All these countries differ in their language policies:

  • Estonia has a really multi-language orientation through their history with Russians. They providing MT education when 10 students ask. Learning languages, especially Russia is important for the development of the country (trade with Russia, etc.). There are Estonian Schools. Russian Schools and Merged Schools.
  • In Norway MT Education is seen as a way to learn Norwegian quicker, faster and better. Bilingualism of English, French is rated higher than Turkish or Pakistan.
  • In Catalonia they have many years of experience in bilingualism: Spain and Catalan. But only as an extra curricula for MT education, because migrant history is recent and policies have not adapted to that.

A nice good practice is the Sunday Schools in Estonia: The ministry of Culture provides funds for Sunday schools with 100.000 euros per year. About 500 kids go to different Sunday schools. It’s not only language, but also culture, cooking, singing, dancing, etc. Sunday schools take place in different regions in Estonia and the languages provided Latvian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Russian, Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Tartar etc.


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