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SIRIUS Stakeholder meeting on Newly Arrived Migrant Children – Brussels – 13 September 2013

Date: 13 September 2013

Place: Permanent Representation of Lithuania,  Rue Belliard 41-43, Brussels

The Migration Policy Group will lead the discussion on the Newly Arrived Migrant Children study (NAMS), which will be presented by some of its authors to European stakeholders dealing with the topic of migrant education.

The main objective of the meeting will be to look at the central outcomes of the European Commission study on educational support to newly arrived migrant children and discuss the specific standards/benchmarks that could be used to put its recommendations into practice.

The event will bring together important European stakeholders working in the field of migration and education to exchange information and good practices in the area of NAMS. Greater engagement of a wide range of stakeholders is essential to make SIRIUS a policy network that bridges the gap between research and policy and proposes solutions that respond to the realities faced by migrant youth.

Download the NAMS discussion paper


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