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SIRIUS Stakeholder meeting: “Reproducing inequality: How to fight the trend towards school concentration of disadvantaged pupils” – Brussels – 17 January 2014

Date: 17 January 2014enarlogo EN-FR no DE

Place: European Network against Racism, 60 rue Gallait, 3rd floor, Brussels

Time: 11:30 – 13:30, followed by lunch

The SIRIUS Network organised a Thematic Workshop on “Segregation and Integration in Education” in The Hague in October. This workshop looked at the effects of high concentrations of immigrant pupils in schools with many socially disadvantaged pupils. School systems have difficulty to deliver adequate resources, teachers and school leadership in these schools. Parents of native pupils are more likely than immigrant parents to move their children to other schools through parental choice systems, leading to what’s known as ‘white flight.’

Migration Policy Group wishes to discuss the outcomes of the Workshop with European stakeholders working in the field of migration and education, with the objective of developing practical and policy recommendations for schools and governments.

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