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SIRIUS Stakeholder meeting: “Teacher training and professional capacity” – Brussels – 5 June 2014

TransparentpnglogDate: Thursday, 5 June 2014

Place: Social Platform, Square de Meeûs 18, 1050 Brussels

Time: 13.00 – 16.30


How to provide high-quality teacher training and strengthen professional capacity among education professionals and the wider school community is a key issue for the SIRIUS European policy network. Catering to the needs of pupils with diverse cultural, linguistic and social backgrounds is a complex and demanding process that requires a wide range of skills. However, capacity training in intercultural education often remains an underused tool to promote inclusive education due to a lack of comprehensive policies, piecemeal implementation and little awareness of its benefits.

The SIRIUS report “Professional capacity in schools as regards education for migrant children” (Severiens and Tudjman, 2013) maps out how educational policies in ten SIRIUS network countries increase schools’ capacities to cater to the needs of a diverse student body. More concretely, the report looks at capacity building among teachers, school leaders, parents and parental organizations, multifocal policies and initiatives to diversify educational staff.

Based on these findings, the main objective of this meeting is discuss policy measures and best practices on how to enhance teacher training and strengthen professional capacity of school communities. In addition, participants will develop recommendations informing European and national policy makers about concrete steps to be taken to enhance teacher training and professional capacity.

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