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croatia_flagAs of 1st July 2013, Croatia is the European Union’s 28th Member State. However, Croatia already forms part of the SIRIUS Network, with two partners involved in the network: the Forum for Freedom in Education, the Education and Teacher Training Agency and the Network of Education Policy Centers.

The Forum for Freedom in Education, one of two SIRIUS national partner in Croatia,  is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, which has been active in Croatia since 1992 and was registered in 1998 in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Associations. The main goal of Forum is to introduce the educational standards of the contemporary democratic society into the Croatian education system. The mission of Forum for Freedom in Education is to implement contemporary and quality education programs and to impact the public policies, always in its activities guided by the principals of fairness, non-violence, open communication, life-long learning and critical thinking. By comparing and harmonising the education in Croatia with the education standards of the contemporary democratic societies, Forum is advocating for the right to choose education that creates a self-actualized person as well as the right of equal access to it.

The Education and Teacher Training Agency  is a public institution responsible for the provision of professional and advisory support in the area of general education in Croatia. Amongst other tasks, it provides professional and advisory assistance in education and monitors the improvement and development of education, from pre-school to high-school level, adult education, the education of Croatian citizens abroad and the education of foreign nationals in Croatia.

The Network of Education Policy Centers, SIRIUS’ collaborative partner based in Croatiais an international non-governmental membership organization of education policy centers. The vision of Network of Education Policy Centers  is to promote education based on the values of an open, democratic, equitable, multicultural, and pluralistic society. The mission of NEPC is to strengthen local and regional expertise to promote participatory and evidence-based education policies and to advocate for open society values in education internationally.

Apart from organising the 3rd General Meeting of the SIRIUS Network in Zagreb in April 2013, Croatia has also been included in the SIRIUS reports on policy implementation analysis and the professional capacity in schools as regards education for migrant children.


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