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Spain: Interculturality in school

Most of the 190 students at the San Pablo Apostol School in the city of Burgos have Spanish nationality, however in these kindergarten and primary school classrooms, around 20 different cultures coexist. Since 2005 this school has pushed for an educational project based on interculturality in order to implement “a different way of educating people in the 21st century”. Therefore the school board encourages children not to lose their roots, and also teaches the values of multiculturalism and respect.

This intercultural project has already received some recognition from the administrations and has just been selected in the Castilla y Leon phase of the 2013 Master Action Award (Premo Acción Magistral) sponsored by the Foundation Against Drug Abuse, the National Commission for cooperation, UNESCO and the BBVA, which aims to promote educational projects that promote solidarity, equality and help prevent behaviours such as violence or racism.

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