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The German National Round Table in Berlin, an opportunity to discuss about teacher training in the context of education and migration

The National Round Table in Germany took place on 2nd December 2013 at the premises of the German Education Ministry (‘Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung – BMBF’) in Berlin. The event was organised by the european forum for migration studies (efms) in cooperation with the German Education Ministry (BMBF) and with the assistance of the ‘Verbund für interkulturelle Bildung und Kommunikation’ (verikom). The leading topic was “Teacher training in the context of equal chances in education for children and youngsters with a migrant background”.

Bild 053The overreaching goal was to initiate exchange between scientists, policy makers, practitioners and  civil society about the challenges that teacher training is faced with in the light of increasing  heterogeneity of students. The National Round Table aimed to discuss suitable and necessary policies  and methods for the enabling of teachers to meet the needs of all children in cultural and linguistic  heterogenic classrooms.

 The starting point of the discussion was the “Quality Offensive Teacher Training”, with which the  German federation in cooperation with the Laender is about to introduce a ten-year programme for  the improvement of quality and the extension of measures in the field of teacher training. Aspects of  inclusion and language acquisition are considered in different areas of the programme.

Besides future visions, representatives of Laender ministry, science and civil society entered into dialogue on present policies, actions and challenges in the field of teacher training and teacher qualification.

Bild 026

The following issues were at the centre of the discussion:

  • Different aspects of discrimination of teachers and students with a migrant background.
  • Systemic differences of education systems and implications for teachers.
  • The role of parents in education processes.
  • Networks of teachers with a migrant background and their role.
  • Role and good practice of in-service training for teachers.
  • Holistic perspectives on language acquisition in schools.
  • Participation of schools in new approaches on teacher training and in-service training.
  • New methods of teacher training at universities.

The discussions were enriched by a number of presentations. The speakers were policy makers, scientists, and civil society actors. You can find the programme here.

Claudia Koehler

european forum for migration studies (efms)


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