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The Hague: the wonderful city that will host the next SIRIUS general meeting and two thematic workshops in October 2013

SIRIUS policy network organises each year two general meetings with all the partners of the network. The first one takes place in April and the second one in October. Zagreb was the place where was done the first meeting of 2013. And The Hague takes the testimony from Zagreb to organise the second one. The work team of Dutch Knowledge Centre for Mixed Schools, one of the SIRIUS partners in The Netheraldns is organising the event that will take place on 10th and 11th October 2013.

This meeting will be different from the previous ones because we have mixed it with another interesting activitiy of the network: the Thematic Workshops. With the aim to share experiences and knowledge on some relevant issues related to education and migration, before the general meeting, on 9th October, have been organised two parallel Thematic Workshops: one about segregation and the other one about transitions.




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