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The Immigrant Contribution

How immigrants contribute to inclusive education

The profiles included in The Immigrant Contribution aim to empower and raise awareness of immigrant grassroots organisations working in the area of inclusive education.

To that extent, we are carrying out interviews with minority-led organisations across the SIRIUS network countries that deal with migrant education on a local, regional or national level. These organisations work toward a more inclusive and diverse education system by helping and representing migrant education stakeholders such as teachers, parents and students.

Organisation profiles

Activity leader

  • Sarah Cooke O’Dowd

    Communications Manager

    Sarah is a Policy Analyst at the Migration Policy Group. Working together with Thomas Huddleston, Programme Director on Migration and Integration, she  handles online and offline communications for the SIRIUS Network. Upon joining MPG, Sarah also worked as the Content Manager for the European Web Site on Integration. Sarah holds a BA in European Studies from Trinity College Dublin and an MA in International Relations from the Barcelona Institute for International Studies.