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The Portuguese National Round Table

Last 26 of July the Portuguese National Roundtable focused on Education of Immigrant Children and Young People took place at FPCEUP/CIIE from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences. The Roundtable was organised by the two Portuguese partners of SIRIUS Network: FPCEUP/CIIE – Centre for Research and Intervention in Education and Programa Escolhas (Choices Programme). Participants involved came from different regions – urban and rural areas, from north to south of Portugal, representing different projects, perspectives and organisations. Participants from institutions that fight against racism, as SOS Racismo, researchers, school head teachers, representatives of intervention projects and of schools associations as well as and young people were involved in the debate.

The discussion was developed under the following topics: (i) perspectives on current policies for inclusion/integration in what concerns minorities and migrants; (ii) role and responsibilities of organisations, namely schools, in promoting inclusion through the development of projects and practices; (iii) specificities and competencies that professionals working with migrants and minorities need to have.

From the discussion was possible to understand structural and contextual obstacles to change policies and practices, but the stress was put mainly in strategies and projects, how they work and how can they be improved.

This Rountable worked as an opportunity to network different organisations and figures and to rethink future plans around the same interest. Furthermore, following the purpose to strengthening efforts towards equality of opportunities and school success, some SIRIUS members at national level will get involved in a close dialogue with another European network: European Policy Network on School Leadership (EPNoSL) project focused in Leadership, Learning and Equality (


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