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The Zagreb meeting: the consolidation of our network

From 15th to 17th April, 35 partners of the SIRIUS policy network attended at the third general meeting of this network. The meeting took place in the wonderful city of Zagreb. The SIRIUS partners NEPC (Network of Education Policy Centers) and Forum for Freedom in Education (FFE) did a great job organizing it. Thank you very much! During the meeting the partners could discuss on the 2012 outputs as well as on the activities that they are doing this year: the National Round Tables, the Thematic Workshops, the peer reviews, the practitioners’ meetings… These meetings are the opportunity to strength our network, to share knowledge and to plan the future of the network. From the Steering Committee the valuation is extremely positive. We are on the way to become one of the references on the migration and education field.

For more information you can consult these documents:



Photos (1,2,3,4)

Power point presentations:

  1. Education of refugees
  2. ETTA presentation
  3. Diagram flow
  4. WP1 2013
  5. WP2 2013
  6. WP3 2013
  7. Peer Review Antwerp
  8. Policy briefs
  9. KeyCoNet
  10. EPNoSL
  11. Strategic Networking
  12. Sustainability
  13. Communication


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