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WP2 SIRIUS meeting for teachers from migrant and/or minority backgrounds on 4-5 June in Brussels

The focus of this meeting is what it means to be teaching in classrooms with students from diverse backgrounds. By now, we have 11 teachers from five different countries that have agreed to come. During the first 1,5 days, the central topic will be on the professional capacity needed for teaching in diverse classrooms. What are the key competences of teachers dealing with ethnic/cultural/language diversity? And what are the necessary preconditions at school level when dealing with ethnic/cultural/language diversity? The underlying idea to invite teachers from migrant and/or ethnic minority backgrounds is that these teachers may potentially connect better to pupils from migrant background, and/or because, coming out of migrant communities, have specific experiences and skills that can be enriching for a team of teachers? During the last half day, we will combine forces with MPG in a joint meeting with local and European migration and education stakeholders. During this afternoon, the findings of the first 1,5 days will be presented, and other relevant topics will be discussed with regard to developing the professional capacities of the teaching force in relation diversity in education.


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