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The second SIRIUS peer review took place in Antwerp at the end of January

On the 22nd and the 23rd of January a peer review took place in Antwerp. A team from Germany and a team from Croatia reviewed the Educational Equality Opportunity policy of Flanders. The peers studied the self report written by the receiving team from the University of Antwerp and listened to presentations about the EEO policy from a policy perspective, and the inspectorate as well as the school perspective. The peers also visited two schools where they interviewed teachers, directors and coordinators. All this information will result in a report with recommendations for further improvement of the Flnders’EEO policy.

The receiving team from Belgium did a wonderful job, it was very well organized in every sense for which we want to thank them!

          Peer review on the Educational Equality Policy in Antwerp, Belgium

          Religion! In a Catholic school with 80% Muslim students.

          Aside from equality: fashion is interesting also!


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