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A grassroots experience to improve an office work

During the month of February, I spent part of my time with Superacció – a non-profit organisation that works with young people at risk of social exclusion to overcome this possibility through action and sport -, a member of SIRIUS. 

During this month, I had the opportunity to observe and actively participate in their daily work, learn how they manage the activities and the day to day of the people that are under their care and explore also the more administrative part of the work. 

This experience gave me a lot of knowledge from a grassroots level perspective, a perspective that I didn’t have that in depth with such a discriminated group of people in society, and that became really useful for my daily job. 

Being in the secretariat of SIRIUS allows me to learn more about the realities of migrants and refugees, from a theoretical and political point of view. The experience allowed me to make it more human, to chat with them and to understand their realities from a more personal level. 

These conversations were really important for me, they will stay with me forever when I need to communicate about the different realities in my job, as it’s not the same to have a living experience than just a theoretical knowledge. 

I believe that my time spent with Superacció was valuable, and will provide a different and more human perspective while communicating about the work of SIRIUS and its members on our social media. 

Written by: Alejandra Piot – Communications and Project Officer at SIRIUS Network