General Assemblies

The General Assembly, composed of official representatives of institutional full, affiliated, individuals and observer members, is the highest and main decision-making body of the Network.

The General Assembly meets at least once a year and is chaired by the President. The President, or in its absence the Board, has the right to mandate another person to chair. The General Assembly gathers all members but only Full Members have the right to vote.

The General Assembly approves the annual balance and the provisional budget for the following year. In addition, the General Assembly also exercises the following powers:

  • the admission and exclusion of the Members of the Network, the change of membership category of the Members of the Network, following the Statutes;
  • the appointments of the members of the Board;
  • the adoption of the Rules of Procedure;
  • the amendments to the Statutes of Network;
  • the dissolution and liquidation of the Network.

Executive Board

The main task of the Board is to give the strategic and policy input to the Network and its activities, propose new initiatives and projects, approve proposals from the Head of Secretariat or any member before being presented to the General Assembly.

In addition, the Board is collectively responsible for operationally governing SIRIUS, advocating and representing SIRIUS, implementing the General Assembly’s decisions and directives, electing and removing the President of the Executive Board, selecting and employing the Head of the Secretariat. The Board also prepares and submits to the General Assembly annual reports for adoption and annual working plans and budgets as well as financial policies and procedures, election Rules and Regulations.

The board is composed by minimum three members and maximum five. The mandate of the members of the Board is two years, renewable once. The Board meets at least twice a year in person and it works as a college.


The Head of Secretariat, appointed and supervised by the Board, leads the day-to-day life of the Network.

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