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Handbook of NAOS Study Visits

A Synthesis of Good Practices in Teachers’ Professional Development in Primary and Secondary Schools

The primary activity of NAOS, and the one that is of relevance in this handbook, was ‘study visits’ organized by the participating NAOS partners. Each partner hosted a study visit in their home country, choosing one primary school and one secondary school exemplifying good practice in teacher professionalization (two visiting partners joined in each visit). The principal of each school had the opportunity to present their school along with their vision, after which the partners were given the chance to interview teachers, principals, students, and in a few occasions, students’ parents. The host cities of the visits were Antwerp, Patras, Zagreb, Nicosia, Fredrikstad, Tartu, Vilnius, Porto, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

This handbook is essentially a synthesis of all study-visit reports, where remarkable practices that seek to improve teachers’ professional capacity across each area of expertise will be sequentially described briefly. Community relationships and parental involvement will be merged as one area due to their high overlap and similarity in efforts and outcomes. It is our hope that this handbook will prove to be interesting and of course beneficial to education stakeholders.

The Handbook of NAOS Study Visits can be obtained here: Handbook study visits