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Improving interactions in the classroom

Peer Reviews

During 2013 the SIRIUS Policy Network organised two peer reviews. The first one, about Equal Educational Opportunities policy (EEO policy), took place in Antwerp (Belgium). And the second one, in Oslo (Norway), was about NAFO actions. You can find the reports on these activities below.


Report with Recommendations on Professional Capacity

This report summarizes the SIRIUS activities in 2012 and 2103 in the area of professional capacity focused on the educational position of students with a migrant background. In combination with an overview of the literature, a set of conclusions were drawn and the main recommendations in this particular area were formulated.


Report on Citizenship Education

This report on Citizenship Education includes an overview of the literature available about citizenship, citizenship education and citizenship education and diversity. It also looks at the approach to citizenship education in the different countries of the EU, based on information compiled through an online survey completed by SIRIUS experts of 12 countries.