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Seeking student intern (as part of academic cursus)


In the upcoming year we are aiming to increase and diversify our membership. So far we have seen the most impact where we have both policy-makers and migrant organisations present in countries to work together and build on constructive dialogue, however onboarding these new groups takes time and innovative ways of influencing.

The role

We are seeking a membership intern to liaise with current members in order to understand both if there are other members within their countries that it may be worth approaching for membership, and also to understand the key benefits of membership and how to package that to potential new members.

Scope of work

1) Develop with director of SIRIUS aisbl an overall framework and time-line for the activity of identifying and approaching new members.
2) Discuss with current members and other EU networks (teacher trade unions, student body groups) about benefits of membership and potential members in their countries.

3) Develop a list of potential new members and a tool/framework for engaging with them.

Skills/talents/aspirations expected

  1. The intern will need to be fluent in English and preferably speak at least one other European (EU) language. (Required)
  2. The intern should have experience initiating projects and self-managing their time. (Required)
  3. The intern should have experience conceptualizing new ideas and developing them into a framework or tool that can be used by others. (Required)
  4. The intern should be able to demonstrate experience of successful relationship-building with external stakeholders. (Required)
  5. The intern should be able to demonstrate interest/passion for one of the following issues of education policy, migrant integration, inclusive policy-making. (Required)
  6. The intern should be familiar with issues of migrant education or migrant integration within the EU. (Desireable)

If interested please a 2-5 minute audio recording or video of yourself with examples of how you meet the 6 criteria above to Mialy at