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SIRIUS and Superaccio Fundraiser

Why donate to SIRIUS and Superaccio?

Many unaccompanied minors travel to Europe with the hope of education or work, but find themselves struggling with homelessness, lack of opportunities and social isolation. The vast majority of these young people are without access to structured social and educational experiences to help them make sense of their current experience or prepare for their future lives. All this occurs at a time when their life stag is ripe for positive social and educational experiences that can help them to integrate and succeed in their future lives wherever that may be. 

Superacció has an 80% success rate in transforming the lives of marginalized unaccompanied minors and filtering them into educational or social inclusion programs through an innovative and engaging sport methodology. Triathlon is used to allow the young migrants to work on their often natural strength of running but also address and overcome their real fear of water (gained through sea crossings) and allow them a major achievement – finishing a triathlon! 

SIRIUS Network has experience in running peer learning and sharing activities with the capacity to contextualise social and educational programs to new contexts in a supported and structured manner. 

We will fund both Superacció and SIRIUS to bring their methodology of sport for educational inclusion to young unaccompanied migrants in more countries.

Thanks to Chris Haugen for the beautiful music ‘Natural Light’