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International Women’s Day 2022

8th of March marks the International Women’s Day. From SIRIUS, we want to take our look to the current situation of girls in education in Afghanistan. It’s been six months since the Taliban took over the capital, Kabul, and the situation for girls and women haven’t changed much. Some schools for girls reopened in some regions, thanks to the pressure from the women’s teachers, but under certain conditions, as requiring women and girls to wear a burqa on their way to and from the school.
On the other hand, once those girls get graduated, they only have the options to work in health or education.
As SIRIUS we believe that these are not inclusive conditions to go through education for girls, and that there should be equity between every gender in terms of education.
We stand with women and girls from Afghanistan in their right for an inclusive and quality education.

Check out the campaign we created to support teachers and students migrating to Europe from Afghanistan: