The SUN project focuses on the use of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights as an effective legal instrument to promote and protect the rights of unaccompanied and separated refugee and migrant children (UASCs) on the EU territory. UASCs are a particularly vulnerable group due to their age, displacement and lack of a caring adult, and are at an increased risk of rights breaches and abuse. The aim of the project is to safeguard the rights of UASCs through the CFREU by fostering the transnational exchange of knowledge and good practices, training of practitioners and dissemination and awareness raising. 

The specific objectives of the project include: 

  1. Strengthening the capacity of professionals to safeguard UASCs’ rights through the CFREU; 
  2. Facilitating the cooperation of key actors at the national and cross-national level concerned with the legal representation, reception, care and education of UASCs in terms of protecting and promoting their fundamental rights; 
  3. Strengthening the knowledge and ability of legal practitioners, CSOs and independent human rights bodies to engage in litigation practices at national and European level; 
  4. Raising awareness about the role and potential of the CFREU to safeguard the fundamental rights of UASCs. 

The key deliverables of the project are: 

  • First-hand knowledge about the specific needs of the target groups and a pool of promising practices through the Training needs assessment and Analysis of Good practices 
  • Report; adaptable multi-disciplinary Practitioners’ Handbook on Safeguarding UASCs´ Rights through the CFREU that can be used by professionals and practitioners across the EU; 
  • a transnational train-the-trainers event and subsequent national trainings of practitioners; 
  • national launch events of the Handbook; 
  • a European seminar in Sofia to disseminate the project results to all EU Member States; mentoring programme exchange visits and action plans to improve the human rights situation in the countries.

The project is implemented by 7 partners from 7 different countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Spain). SIRIUS is leading the working package 5 on the dissemination and communication strategy of the project.

The project consortium: 

Project number: 101084990

Funded by: Citizens, equality, rights, and values (CERV) Program of the European Commission

Project duration: 24 months 

Project starting date: 1 April 2023 

Project end date: 31 March 2025


 Map of best Practices  

The SUN team has created a map of best practices, consolidating notable initiatives related to the protection of UASC in the project countries. These
practices were identified through a national needs assessment report conducted by partners as part of the project. Recognizing the significance of this information, we have chosen to present it in the form of a map for easy accessibility by stakeholders across Europe

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