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Start the Change

Lead Partner: FSO – Forum for Freedom in Education 

The key focus of all clusters of the START THE CHANGE project is the promotion of the student voice and participation as a growing number of researchers claim that it supports opening up spaces and capacities for marginalized youth to play key roles in positive changes in school and learning spaces, support more socially just school environments and ensure that disenfranchised youth are included in decision-making processes and foster positive youth development around agency and civic engagement.

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Lead partner: Universidad Pablo de Olavide

PICELS is an Erasmus+ project that aims to promote inclusive intercultural pedagogies and practices for student engagement.  PICELS innovation is that it brings together teachers and researchers on an equal footing with both teams collaborating and participating in a project to further the cause of early school leaving. The essential feedback and experience of teachers is put within an established academic framework that allows the project to produce two essential outputs. Firstly a pan-European mapping of successful intercultural and inclusive practices in the classroom, which includes a set of indicators with which teachers can evaluate their own practices in the classroom. Secondly, a teacher training guide based on the above-identified effective practices. In addition to these outputs, teachers trainings and other events to highlight our work will take place over the next two years.

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Lead Partner: Universitàt degli Studi di Torino

KIDS4ALLL aims to implement a pilot action that will experiment a learning method and learning environment in formal, non-formal and informal educational contexts to address the integration challenges of migrant children.

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YMCAC - Young Migrants Can Achieve Change

Lead Partner: SIRIUS Policy Network on Migrant Education

YMCAC aims at training young migrants living in Europe on creating advocacy campaigns to claim their rights and be active citizens besides the fact of not being able to vote for the #EPElections2024.

Co-funded by the European Parliament