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Interested in understanding what we are about?

SIRIUS has created a strategic advocacy course that allows non-members and members alike to access guidance, help and tools on how to begin or continue working on advocacy in your context. If you want to access this course, sign in here and see what it’s all about! If that interests you…

Interested in joining?

As one of our members, you will join a thriving group of vested individuals that co-create inclusive and actionable knowledge and work hard on policy and practice engagement and reform. As part of our organisation you will not only gain the opportunity to access the latest knowledge on migrant education in Europe but you will also be able advocate through us to the EU and you will be placed in discussion- action- and research working groups with a wide range of policy-makers, teachers, educational researchers, students and migrant-led organisations and service providers at the national level who are all working towards the common goal of achieving strong, equitable education for all students with a migrant background. Our work is diverse, inclusive and, above all, made more effective and efficient by having members like you in our community. Here are some of the things we do:

We Support our Members

Members frequently contact our secretariat to express thanks for information-sharing, partnership-building and offering a place for reflection and a sounding board for new ideas.

“This a great practice of sharing! Feels like ubuntu”

“I know you do your best to offer huge opportunities to SIRIUS partners. I hope we can do our best !”

“Thank you so much for your time and support. We love your feedback and innovative ways of working on the project.”

We pursue expert research and undertake knowledge governance

We produce a yearly ‘State of the Art’ publication on Migrant Education across Europe – SIRIUS Watch.

SIRIUS is heavily cited in international research with eleven SIRIUS national member reports featured in UNESCO’s 2019 Global Education Monitoring report on Migration Displacement and Education.

Sirius is named as an example of knowledge governance in 2017 OECD publication “Educational Research and Innovation, Pedagogical Knowledge and the Changing Nature of the Teaching Profession”

We have initiated and consolidated a relationship with many authoritative bodies on education research including OECD to look deeper into refugee education across Europe and the European Commission serving as their primary source on migrant education in the EU.

We foster peer learning across policy-makers and practitioners

Since out outset more than 5000 people directly engaged in our activities including social workers, teachers and migrant parents.

In 2020 we held an online co-creative, peer-learning workshop for policy-making teams to mitigate the effects of the pandemic:

“Brilliant work. So well organised and enriching. Best methodological approach and execution of any online conference which I’ve attended” [EU network attendant]

“I really enjoyed the workshop, especially the warm, energizing atmosphere you succeeded in creating.” [National Ministry of Education attendant]

“Our national participants underlined how impressed they were by the way the workshop was held in terms of getting such a large number of participants actively engaged as well as how much valuable content the participants were able to generate in such a short time.” [National Team consisting of Local ministry officials, teachers, students, parents, educational researchers and migrant activists]

We advocate at national and international levels

We produced the first education policy implications and guidance brief at EU and National levels, just one month into the school closures across Europe. This was shared widely by the European Commission and other actors.

In 2020 we secured a working relationship with Members of the European Parliament and other high-level ranking officials in the EU.

We are recognized as an EU authority on Education and were asked to submit the only piece focusing on Education in the ‘Foundation for European Studies Yearbook 2021.

We fundraise for National Activities

More than 3.5 million Euros was fundraised between 2012-2018 for various activities at the national and EU level.

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