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Lifelong learning Laboratory – learning how to do our job better

On the 30th and 31st of May, SIRIUS attended the Lifelong Learning Laboratory held by the Lifelong Learning Platform. The Laboratory focused on Lifelong Learning entitlements for the Future for Europe and brought a diverse audience together to further the European agenda by discussing and understanding decision-making processes in education and training.  

 The first day hosted a panel with six experts with experience in promoting, implementing and addressing the challenges and barriers to implementation of EU education agenda. The topic of mobility was raised in all levels of education and for educators too. Barriers identified were that large organisations and companies need to be onboarded to the benefits of mobility programs and people who feel that a mobility is not for them due to social and educational marginalization. Another topic raised was how to help the transfer of learning from organisation to organisation, policy-making systems to policy-making systems across Europe. It was noted here that organisations, schools and others need autonomy in order to be able to have freedom to try out new ideas, pilots, programs.  

The second day was spent understanding the French lifelong learning agenda and the perspectives shared demonstrated the commitment of the French Government to the achievement of entitlements to all and particularly in the higher Education and VET a-domain.  

Active workshop sessions were very fruitful for SIRIUS and we were thrilled to collaborate in workshops to brainstorm how to co-create a world where those entitlements are felt and experienced by all in Europe. Something that is incredibly important for migrant education.   

We would like to thank LLLP, the speakers and all the attendees for providing us such a rich experience in how we can advocate better at the EU level and support our members at the national level too. Looking forward to next year!