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Implementing policies and networking

National Round Tables Report

This report collects the main issues discussed during the National Round Tables that took place in 2013. It is structured by two main chapters. The first chapter provides and overview of the National Round Tables (NRT) regarding their topics, the profiles and numbers of participants, the structure and different parts of the events (presentations, working groups etc.), and the main conclusions. The second chapter takes a closer look at the content of the NRTs – the discussed issues and respective recommendations and challenges. An attempt was made to organize the content chapter in a similar manner as was done for the chapter on “Perceptions on the implementation of the Council conclusions on the education of children with a migrant background” of the Report on National Policy Implementation Processes”1, which is based on a synthesis of Focus Group discussions in the members states of the SIRIUS Network, in order to enable a comparison between the arguments of both events.


Thematic Workshops

During 2013 we organised three thematic workshops on three topics related to education and migration policies and specially to Early School Leaving. The topics were: school transitions, integration and segregation, and language support policies. You can download the three thematic reports and the synthesis one below: