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Searching for Consultant – Environmental and Green Expert

Interested parties are expected to submit a short 300-word bio by July 15th, 2023 to:


Terms of Reference – Project Environmental Expert

1. Background: The purpose of this document is to outline the Terms of
Reference (TOR) for advice relating to the creation of an environmentally
friendly project. The SIRIUS 3.0 project aims to prioritize sustainability and
minimize its ecological impact throughout all phases of development and
2. Objectives: The objectives of the advisory work are to give guidance to the
partners participating in the SIRIUS 3.0 project regarding how they can
operate, both within the project and outside the project, in an environmentally
friendly and sustainable way.
3. Scope of Work and deliverables: The project will encompass the following
activities: (a) develop a short user-friendly manual that can address the
various aspects of the project that relate to environmentally sustainable
principles and practices. This includes sustainable travel, identifying
opportunities for the use of sustainable materials, recycling programs, and
waste reduction measures; (b) a short presentation of the manual to the
project group; and (c) developing several questions for a larger project
evaluation questionnaire.
4. Timeline: The assignment is expected to be completed within a specified
timeframe. A detailed schedule will be developed during the assignment
planning phase, but deliverables (a) and (b) are expected by October 1, 2023
5. Reporting and Communication: Communication channels and reporting
frequency will be established to ensure effective and transparent
communication throughout the assignment.
6. Payment: Payment: details will be discussed with the external consultant.
Potential consultants are asked to indicate what they feel is fair
7. Review and Approval: The deliverables will be reviewed and approved by the
project management team.