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SIRIUS 3.0 SIRIUS WATCH Report 2024- Towards Better Data for Migrant Education: A Mapping of Data Availability in 14 EU Member States

SIRIUS Watch 2024 is about data, primarily the availability and comprehensiveness of valid

and reliable data about migrant education. The report has been developed by Migrant Policy Group, on the framework of the SIRIUS 3.0 project, an initiative is primarily focused on implementing significant policy changes to ensure high-quality and inclusive education for migrant learners.

The analysis provided in this report is based on desk research and consultations with education authorities in SIRIUS partner countries. In each of the 14 EU Member States covered by this report, national experts completed a questionnaire to map data availability in migrant education as of January 2024. Developed also with a view to the objectives of the comprehensive SIRIUS Agenda for Migrant Education in Europe, the questionnaire focused on five main dimensions:

• Data Collection and Categorisation

• Access to Schooling, Learning Outcomes and Targeted Support

• Education System Attributes • Socio-economic Conditions of Migrant Students

• Budget & Spending in Migrant Education


Find the full report here: SIRIUS Watch 2024