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SIRIUS at the SOLIDI Training Workshop- Research and policy change in inclusive education

On the 7th of December 2023, SIRIUS presented at the SOLIDI training Workshop. SOLiDi is a research program consisting of 15 individual doctoral research projects connecting research and public policy making in the field of intercultural relations, integration, and diversity policies and strategies.

As part of our workshop, we introduced the work of SIRIUS and how our advocacy work connects research on inclusive education and policy change. To illustrate this, we used the SIRIUS 3.0 ‘SIRIUS Watch’ report as an example. Based on the perceived needs and gaps identified by the networks, the SIRIUS Watch conducts research that focuses on monitoring the most significant changes in policy, implementation, and knowledge for ensuring inclusive education environments. This serves as a knowledge resource on inclusive education policy, but it also aims to be used as a tool for advocacy to promote policy change. Furthermore, we also presented the KIDS4ALLL project, whose methodology is based on the co-creation of knowledge, promoting the sharing of knowledge between the other two ‘sister’ projects, Refuge-Ed andNEW ABC , which also focus on the inclusion of migrant students in education. Additionally, we outlined the KIDS4ALLL policy brief, which we developed at SIRIUS together with the partners from the Institute for Education in Malta. This brief builds on the results of the KIDS4ALLL pilot of the platform and research to create policy recommendations on the promotion of lifelong learning competences from a holistic inclusive approach.