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SIRIUS attends OECD Policy Forum

On 29th of March this year SIRIUS ED, Mialy Dermish, was invited to the ‘10th Policy Forum of the Education for Inclusive Societies Project.’ Few NGOs were present at this high-level forum and SIRIUS was mentioned by multi-lateral donors as pursuing change work at the local and national level that impacted the way migrant and refugee children and young people experience school and their school communities.

Presentations by SIRIUS network partners and members the Ministry of Education of Portugal, the European Commission DG EAC, the National Agency of Education in Sweden and more highlighted issues of inclusion, language learning, socio-emotional wellness and more.

SIRIUS was thrilled to attend and take time to question our failiures and successes in welcoming Ukrainian refugee children into our schools, and the positives that we can build from this experience that could extend to all refugee communities coming to Europe.